Photo by LP Deezign.

Photo by LP Deezign.

Chicago native Nicole Maret has this thing for excess. It all started with too many leopard print bandaids- that's when she was 5, and she didn't even have an injury. There's something about form over function that has driven her ever since, and nothing makes her happier than plotting new ways to dramatize and decorate the human body. She is captivated by the myriad dimensions that can be forged by a single hue, with a prowess for fusing disparate textures to create garments that are monogamous in color but promiscuous in depth. Flirtatious with the macabre and reliant on shadow and sleight, her work specializes in the unorthodox and will sparkle with any counterculture coquette whose night begins when the clock strikes twelve.

If she isn’t threading needles well into the witching hour or furiously sketching on any available surface, you can usually find her deeply buried in a Tom Wolfe book or slipping into black boxing gloves. She adores riding everything from camels and skateboards to iron horses and aluminum birds, and spends as many free moments as she can suspended in disbelief. She’s most at home in a jet stream somewhere between Chicago and a place she’s never been, and she surrounds herself with those who add feathers to her own tenacious wings.

Nicole received her BA in Art Studio at University of California - Santa Barbara, her BFA in Fashion Design at the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, and operates locally as an independent graphic consultant and owner/designer of THE ORDER..


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