The Lemniscate Scarf | 5 Ways

The Lemniscate Scarf was created as a piece that grants power to its wearer, to be styled on a whim in myriad ways. A scarf, a cross-body dress, a cape...these are just a few ideas! Peep this video to see them in action...

I. THE SCARF | scarf is left open, wrapped around the neck, and re-hooked in the front using 2 or 3 hooks.

II. THE DRESS | scarf is draped behind the neck and crossed in front of the body, and then wrapped around to the back, where a few hooks and eyes are fastened. The strip of hooks is then connected to the seam at the top of the scarf behind the neck. 

III. THE HOOD | scarf is draped over the head and wrapped around the neck to secure it. Then a few hooks are fastened at each end of the hook & eye strip, in front of and in back of the neck so the style stays in place.

IV. THE CAPE | ends of scarf are fastened together with hooks & eyes, leaving about 14" unhooked in the middle. Scarf is then placed over the head, with the head going through the opening in the hooks.

V. THE HIDE | one end of scarf is attached to the leather hide collar from the Divinity Cloak, and draped behind the neck. The longer end of the scarf (without the hide attached) is wrapped around the neck, and fastened with one or two hooks in the front to the side.