The runway is an energy burst; a high that crashes almost as quickly as it begins. You can look, but never too long. You can want, but never touch. Apparent beauty and perfection are dangled before us, in a parade of arbitrary standards we are compelled to desire without truly knowing why. It's a moving pedestal that we exalt because we were conditioned to.

Fuck the runway.

Just over one week ago, THE ØRDER's debut collection was launched in an anti-fashion show campaign- not anti-fashion in any sense, but anti-show. Garments hung vulnerably throughout the room, suspended from chains and ripe for inspection and discernment. Nothing was fleeting; nothing was shown and taken away. Guests were encouraged to touch and examine at their leisure, as the fabrics and craftsmanship spoke for themselves. 

There is no ideal, and there is no standard. We are limitless. If these garments speak to you, then they are for you. It's that simple.

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