We believe in the unknown. 

We believe that the power of the mysterious should be revered; permitted to exist in a realm that is beyond reason and comprehension. This realm exists not as an entity whose rites are withheld, but rather as an atmosphere of suspended disbelief. It is in this realm that any manner of enchantment is possible, because in the moment that something begins to be questioned it has already become a reality in the mind. 

Surrounded by what we do not understand, we are eternally spurred by intrigue and wonder to pursue deeper relationships with uncharted matters. Some of these relationships develop by way of logic and understanding, and others are spawned by intimacy and familiarity. Still another faction remains, comprising that which we will never truly know- and this faction in particular is pivotal to the brand we want to create. 

THE ORDER is defined by a bewitching independence, a captivating virtue that turns heads without trying. It represents the trace of uncertainty that seizes your attention, eclipses your focus and begets wonder. This uncertainty is the fulcrum of THE ORDER as a brand, heeding the notion of paradox-- we all possess a duality of spirit, but one side almost always transcends the other. THE ORDER places a premium on the side that hides in the shadows, tempting even the most impervious souls to awaken the witch within.

THE ORDER's cloak-and-dagger campaign will resonate with rebels and reactionaries alike, indulging those who have met their darker side and kindling those who have not. The darker side in question is by no means wicked or depraved; rather, it embodies a deeper aspect of our soul. It urges those around us to read between the lines instead of judging by the cover, and to acquiesce the notion that we all have secrets- and some of them will never be shared.




THE ORDER is a brand broadly symbolized by the lemniscate, the mathematical symbol for ‘infinity.’  As we know it, this symbol represents the boundless and infinite- an echo of the concept of ‘as above so below’ it once stood for when circulated through hermetic texts:

"That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing"

The brand was created as a vehicle to transcend the duality of spirit inherent in all of us, coaxing light where there is shadow and shadow where there is light. Seemingly opposed, these sides are merely specters of their potential when separated- but when joined together like the poles of a battery, they generate the energy of life.

So many of us seek, almost desperately, to define ourselves- but this brand was born out of a strong belief that there is beauty in ambiguity and that we are limitless. No one should have to choose which box they fit into- rather, they should be granted the freedom and ability to draw on the polarities within to generate an energy representative of their full potential. Our mission is for women to identify with the brand for a reason that is their own, because their spirits are too broad and beautiful for one person and one company to define.