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CONCEPT // Driven by an antagonist approach to the design process, SS17 V was created by impulse rather than tactical forethought. The creative confines that powered previous offerings were reversed, allowing each garment to flow as a manifestation of instinct and caprice.

The result is a series of garments that are unified organically, by a thematic narrative manifested throughout the process instead of in advance. Lingerie and athleisure are the crux elements of the collection, a nod to the coexistence of vulnerability and power. SS17 V is a visual representation of the divergent forces it honors, in that each piece has an equally potent counterpart; a visual or conceptual opposite. True to the core belief that carries the order from one collection to the next, v furthers the notion that expectations are meant to be defied.

SIGNIFICANCE // From victory vs defeat to masculine vs feminine, the significance of the glyph ‘5’ deviates across references whether number [5] or numeral [V]. Used throughout history to represent everything from peace and insult to musical harmony and diabolical allegiance, the influence of the number is commanded by its operator. The same is true for the garments in this collection. 





As the fourth offering from THE ORDERWOLF is another nod to the brand’s penchant for ethereal narratives and exploring the unfamiliar. The collection is a visual and conceptual deconstruction of the lupine archetype, and the striking contradiction of forces that the female wolf embodies: independent yet loyal and dangerous yet vulnerable, she can manifest neither extreme without the presence of the other. An endeavor to further unite and exalt seemingly opposing forces, WOLF is true to THE ORDER’s defining conviction that all expectations are meant to be defied.

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Comprised of elements that have proven themselves to be agents of what we believe as a brand, PARADIGM manifests what we know versus what we believe as an all-black amalgam. This third collection is premised on the introduction of the unexpected into the familiar, synthesizing a new alloy composed of the known and unknown and a new set of equations that determine this aesthetic. The culmination is a slide in the visual and physical archetype, and a shift in what was perceived to be the limit of THE ORDER





Driven by the origin of fairy tales and the defiant heroines who ruled them, PRÊTRESSE is THE ORDER's dark and discerning second collection. Premised on subversion, introspection, and the pursuit of higher judgement, the collection is comprised of delicate leathers, silks and knits that lend themselves to the concept of runaway rebels.

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Loosely premised on the magician tarot card and the notion of the boundless and infinite, the lLLA MAGUS is THE ORDER's debut collection. ILLA MAGUS is a visual manifestation of our emotional and physical variance of depth, with fabric textures and opacities that broaden the spectrum of a singular color.

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